A Bard’s Blog is Born!

July 7, 2011

Greetings Everyone!

To give some background regarding how this blog came about………Music has always played a major part of my life; now so, more than ever.  A few months ago, I quit my full time job with the intention to give my musical vision the attention and commitment it truly deserves.  Best decision I have ever made in my life to date, without question.

Now I have always been a wanderer, a creature of random social interaction, and  9 times out of 10, music is involved in unusual meetings/encounters.  In June, I moved into a new place with two roommates, and 2 dogs.  All of them are amazing, and I honestly couldn’t have chosen better people to live with.

One of my house mates, of whom I will refer to as The Baking Oracle (she prefers Oracalis….Toe-mate-o, toe-mat-o..I will explain her name later) disclosed to me a few weeks after my move in that her initial impression of me was that I reminded her of a bard….and so the debate began.

This is what one of the dictionary sites online states what a bard is:

1. One of an ancient Celtic order of minstrel poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the legendary exploits of chieftains and heroes.
2. A poet, especially a lyric poet.
From google…this is apparently what bard’s look like, and what Baking Oracle/Oracalis thinks I resemble:
So I will agree that I match quite closely with the definition, as my songs usually come from some funky or legendary story…however, I’m not sure that pirates (for those who don’t know I have a song about a pirate named Big Black Dick and his story about how he rose out of slavery, to piracy, to Caribbean Rum/Cigar tycoon status) count as heroes…..Depends on your perspective… and I am not of Celtic order…..at least, I don’t think I am..
As far as the pictures go, my hair is long, but not nearly as long as bard dude on the left, and bard dude on the right is a bit too Super Mario Brothers with that mushroom hat and all.  I would like a pair of those sweet boots he has though…
It also seems that bards are known for always wearing tights, which I do admit I have an unusually large collection of from my Track and Field days.  In my case, they only come out when a race/bet needs to be won, and I have yet to integrate them in an event of musical expression and would prefer to keep it that way.
I personally like these images better:
 These guys are way more badass, and I have concluded that I must acquire a stein as demoed  by badass bard left, and a ZZ Top electric guitar like badass bard right.  Either way, I am  getting more excited about styling my bard image.
This is what I have to work with thus far:
 I know….pretty frightening hey? I’ve got a ways to go before I can truly embrace the  bard-  like aesthetic levels as seen in the documented photos.  Either way, I’m excited about the  process!
 So to wrap up this first post of A Bard’s Blog, I will finish with the reasoning behind my  lovely roommate’s interesting name, and the reason this blog exists.
I quite often take this guitar or another one out for walks at all times of the day.  Some  people walk dogs, I walk my guitars.  They need their exercise too!
 I usually stroll down Jericho beach or neighborhood  streets writing new material or just  clearing my head.  As a byproduct of these jaunts, I  usually end up meeting really  interesting people and coming back with very random stories  and experiences. It was my  roommate’s idea that I write these stories and share them with  others, as they usually have  good entertainment value, something insightful to them, or are  just so random that they  become quite humorous.
As for her name, let’s examine the breakdown:
Baking Oracle – “Baking” part – It is my belief that she is genetically coded to be the greatest baker in the world.  The types of desserts and foods I have been privy too thus far have been nothing short of astounding, and seeing her in action is comparable to what I would imagine it would have been like to see Da Vinci paint, or do anything for that matter.  I feel quite honored actually that she has taken me on as a baking apprentice, and I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment having created my first pie a couple of weeks ago.  Rolled the crust and everything!
Part 2 – “Oracle” – It seems in the last 2 days of conversations with each other that whatever we talk about comes to fruition very quickly.  The evidence speaks for itself :
Situation 1 – We were talking about a softball team she used to play on for fun and that she missed playing….20 minutes later, a music friend of mine facebooked me and a bunch of others to come play on his team this weekend, as a bunch of players were out of town……weird..
Situation 2 – Yesterday we were talking about how cool it is when old movies are played on giant screens in the parks around Vancouver, and how we weren’t sure if that happens anymore…..Sure enough, I was at the bank today and found out that Vancity is doing a bunch of these nights all over the place starting July 7th! (vancity.com/celebrate65).  What’s the deal?
Her mystical powers combined with my random drifting and musical interaction seems to produce whatever we talk about…I think we’ll discuss winning the lottery tomorrow morning!
Anyways, I hereby declare this blog open for reading, and hopefully what comes of my funny adventurous days helps improve your life in some way, shape, or form…. or at least lets you unwind with a few laughs after a hard days work.  I think bards usually use terms and phrases such as “Hath,” ” Doth,” ” Shalt,” “Yonder Ridge,” or “When the morrow comes.”  Seeing as how I usually have a hard time understanding these types of terms, I probably won’t use them all that often, if at all…unless of course people find it enjoyable…I may throw in random “bardisms” from time to time.
I welcome your comments and feedback, and hope you are ready for this musical bouncy ball that I call my life!
Mr. Bard/ Michael

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  1. Jaybob Says:

    Well done MgGlugley!!!

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