Let Curiosity Lead Your Life

July 9, 2011

Good morning you beautiful people!

I wanted to share an experiment I have been conducting the last three days with you.   I was watching a video interview of one of my favorite social disturbers out there, Derek Sivers (Founder of CD Baby), the other day, and one of his points really resonated with me.  He discusses the notion of time between thinking, and doing.  People who become successful in their own ways do so by minimizing the time they allow between a birth of a great idea, and the execution of the steps to realize that idea.  Watch for yourselves:

So –> Success = Thought and quick action

I have been a trainer and life coach for the better part of a decade besides being a musician, and I this is the situation I have seen time and time again:

Person A has a brilliant idea or goal…….Person A brews, and brews, and brews on brilliant thought to the point where it becomes less exciting, which opens the door to fear, doubt, and thoughts about what could go wrong with the brilliant idea.  This leads to discouragement and decreased excitement/motivation to actually see the idea through.

So –> Failure = Thought..thought..thought..thought…boredom..loss of interest.

I use the term failure carefully here, as failing is the key to the greatest learning in life, and quite positive in my mind.  The problem in the above situation – NO LEARNING TAKES PLACE WHEN YOU TALK YOURSELF OUT OF ENTERING A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT!!

Ok, enough ranting!  Here is the experiment:

I have spent the last three days barding around with Little Mac (My travel guitar), following every little inclination or instinct I had, allowing that to dictate the course of my days.

Example 1:

I started out heading towards the bank, working the beginnings of a new song on my way when I came across a music shop I have never seen before “West Coast Music,” with a big LIQUIDATION sign on the window.  Being in a music shop for me is like a sugared up child in a ball pit at Chucky Cheeses!  Especially when they have sales.  So I went in.  I met Shannon and Glen, who are selling everything and looking to move to Hawaii.  After being in the business for roughly 20 years, they’re calling it a journey well traveled.

Check out the video I made about my experience there:

The guitar I got is amazing, and is a wonderful addition to the family….I named her Bella for her latin flare and soft sweet beauty. Anyways – Side plug, they still have great instruments left, but they are going fast.  Here are there hours: Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday 12-6pm.

*Bottom line- Curiosity led me to something amazing.  I have wanted a guitar like this for playing gigs like I do at the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe, and to get such a great deal blew my mind….all because I entertained my curiosity.  I played her last night, and she sounds like first love wrapped in high quality dark chocolate and sea breeze…….she’s a sexy piece of work, and was made in Vancouver with BC wood!  I’m a big fan of supporting local people and buying locally made things…so Boo ya!

Example 2, different day:

After a long day of barding with Little Mac, I like to go to a park at the end of Alma and Point Grey Road and play Roseli to the sunset…..Roseli is my beat up classical guitar I got from the salvation army for $30.  She is rugged, durable, and I do most of my writing with her.

I was playing on one of the benches when I noticed a large group across the park with a man playing guitar and singing “Take it Easy,” by the Eagles (one of my first influences).  Curiosity said to me – “Go see what they’re up to.”  So I did, and so glad I did.  It was a birthday party for a angelic woman named Susan, and she was celebrating with friends and family, some of which were visiting from Germany.  They warmly took me in, stuffing me with cupcakes and drinks, and I sang and played with them for hours under the backdrop of a sunset worthy of a Bob Ross oil painting.  It was magical to say the very least.

That night will stay with me forever, and the happiness it brought to everyone, myself included, all made possible by listening to my curiosity and acting without thinking ….maybe they don’t want to hear me….maybe I’m not good enough…maybe they’ll think my hair looks funny….I’m not wearing the right socks with these sandals….It’s funny to hear these thoughts, but we allow them into our minds all the time, and talk ourselves out of living the lives that deep down we know we want to live….My question is..WHY???

Anyways, from that night, I now keep in contact with most of those people, and Susan and I share inspiring quotes over email.  The one she sent me yesterday is as follows:

“I hope the journey becomes every bit as sweet as the destination.”    Lisa Kogan

My response to her was this:

“Often times the journey is sweeter than the destination.”       Michael Averill

She then followed with a great reference for a book “Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” (by Richard Bach), and highlighted this quote:

“Every person, all the events in your life are there because you have drawn them there.  What you choose to do with them is up to you.”
How cool is that??  This is key, and how I want to wrap up this post –> Opportunities to do things or meet people come to us if we want them to, and we will them our way….That is usually where people or concepts like the book “The Secret,” stop.  I moved into a new area in Vancouver, and simply held the though….”I want to meet my neighbors”…Look how it happened.
The second part is golden –> Opportunities are always there, but you need to act on them.  Too much thinking is a flood gate for crappy thoughts to enter your mind…..so don’t think too much! (I wrote a song about this I’ll post someday).
Success= Thought and Action!
For one day…. one hour….or even one minute, trust your curiosity to lead you to something you may have passed off as a waste of time, and just go do it!!   Please comment and share your experiences.
Thank you Susan and Derek for inspiring this blog today!
Mr. Bard/Michael





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