“You’re Not Bored, Are You?”

July 23, 2011

I overheard a woman publicly vocalizing her boredom upon a Greyhound bus to Kelowna today, whilst hath barding of course…. and it reminded me of the day my father eliminated the word “Bored,” from my vocabulary.

I believe I was the ripe old age of 8; time wasn’t moving fast enough, the world wasn’t solving my “problems,” and I legitimately felt like I had nothing interesting or exciting to do.  I naturally felt obligated to announce my frustrations to my father in the unmistakeable phrasing…”Dad…I’m bored!”

He looked at me above the rim of his glasses, looking like he was about to savor the moment of the proceeding conversation. “If you don’t find something to do, I’ll find something for your to do.  Write a list of all the things you could be doing, or, you can weed the garden.”

I use to hate weeding the garden, so much so that I filled an entire page front and back with things I could be doing.  From that moment on, I was never “bored,” again.  In fact, I often find myself struggling to catch up with everything I actually want to do!

Every once and a while he would ask me in a sarcastic tone…”You’re not bored, are you?”  HA! Because of him, the word “Bored,” was dead to me, and I thank him eternally when I hear others say they are bored and want someone to fix it for them.

Parental Barding Lesson of the Day:

To all parents with children that have the so-called “ADD”………… Try a pen and paper!

I love you Dad!

Mr. Bored…I mean…Bard..



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