Guten Tag!

Reporting from Miesbach, Germany, home of the real Bavaria!  My adventures continue to lead me towards great experiences, wonderful people, and memories for a lifetime….maybe longer.  Just wanted to share a couple of experiences I had yesterday.

I have always loved the reference “Black Sheep,” in the crowd.  I loved it so much that I even wore a red tie speckled with cartoon sheep, with one black one dead in the center for my high school graduation picture!  Ha.

According to Wikipedia: black sheep is an idiom used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family……

If you have met my family, in particular my Dad, this definition applies to every one of us I think.  I personally enjoy being a bit of an odd ball or “positively crazy,” as some have said, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed an encounter I had on my morning walk.

Until yesterday, I had never before been in the presence of an actual black sheep.  If I may draw your attention to the right…..Notice a whole pen of black sheep! Apparently they have been hiding out in the beautiful farm land of south Germany!

I couldn’t help feeling a sense of community among them.  It is my belief that this is the only photo evidence of a black sheep meeting in this quantity, and further conclude that this was an AGM for the League of Extraordinary Sheep.   They invited me in, listened to my thoughts for the year, and happily nodded goodbye as I carried on.  Leaders of the world they are!

Anyway, I was listening to my father’s old recordings of his original material while walking through the countryside, and it was such a great experience.  He was a prairie/farm boy at heart, and it felt like he was there.  Since blogs are always about sharing experiences, I thought I would capture my experience the best I could through I phone camera.  Enjoy!

Mr. Bard



Bonjour tout le monde!!

I am currently writing from Lingolsheim, France, a town near Strasbourg, very close to the eastern boarder of Germany.  I have been in Europe for 6 days now, and without my guitar………I would truly be lost.  My skills in the French language = exceptionally poor! Thus, this has very much been an eye opening experience.  I have had many international friends over the last 10 years, and although I have always admired their ability to move to a foreign country on their own, I have a whole new respect for how difficult that can be to communicate the most basic of needs.

With music on my side, however……All the world of difference!

Day 1 – Played guitar on the train from Paris to Montpellier, and met an amazing dance choreographer.  We talked for a long time, sharing our art in video form, which may lead to future collaborations.  Great guy, and fantastic artist!

Day 3 – Learned how to play a new Irish song with the lovely Julia Nirupama Tran Thanh, the Bodhran player from our Vancouver Song video on Youtube, who also plays a mean flute by the way.  Anyway…inspired me to write an Irish song!

Night train ride between days – Jammed with Mikal from Finland and Giovanni from Italy while waiting for connecting train.  Awesome dudes!

Day 4 – Arrived in Strasbourg in the morning, decided to play in front of the train station, met a guy who spoke zero english, but insisted on buying me a beer, and escorting me to come play for his friends.  Here I met a few other musicians, and a good bunch of friendly people.

Day 5 – Had a great jam with my good friend Matthieu Binetruy and his band-mate Cristof from the stellar Gypsy-Jazz band Bluedrag Project, as well as some lovely vocals from Marjorie and Alexandra…complete with the best accents ever!

Day 6 – By an amazing stroke of luck, got to play a song in an event that Matt’s Band played at that was a whole day celebration of cultures around the world.  There was great food and music from everywhere….and I got to be the lone Canadian representation. I now love food from the Congo and Madagascar!!  Audience was huge! Probably 800-1000 people.  See for yourself:

Anyways, I am moving on to Germany next week, but have some amazing days planned ahead, so stay tuned for some fun stuff!


Mousier Bard