Music…The Universal Language..

October 8, 2011

Bonjour tout le monde!!

I am currently writing from Lingolsheim, France, a town near Strasbourg, very close to the eastern boarder of Germany.  I have been in Europe for 6 days now, and without my guitar………I would truly be lost.  My skills in the French language = exceptionally poor! Thus, this has very much been an eye opening experience.  I have had many international friends over the last 10 years, and although I have always admired their ability to move to a foreign country on their own, I have a whole new respect for how difficult that can be to communicate the most basic of needs.

With music on my side, however……All the world of difference!

Day 1 – Played guitar on the train from Paris to Montpellier, and met an amazing dance choreographer.  We talked for a long time, sharing our art in video form, which may lead to future collaborations.  Great guy, and fantastic artist!

Day 3 – Learned how to play a new Irish song with the lovely Julia Nirupama Tran Thanh, the Bodhran player from our Vancouver Song video on Youtube, who also plays a mean flute by the way.  Anyway…inspired me to write an Irish song!

Night train ride between days – Jammed with Mikal from Finland and Giovanni from Italy while waiting for connecting train.  Awesome dudes!

Day 4 – Arrived in Strasbourg in the morning, decided to play in front of the train station, met a guy who spoke zero english, but insisted on buying me a beer, and escorting me to come play for his friends.  Here I met a few other musicians, and a good bunch of friendly people.

Day 5 – Had a great jam with my good friend Matthieu Binetruy and his band-mate Cristof from the stellar Gypsy-Jazz band Bluedrag Project, as well as some lovely vocals from Marjorie and Alexandra…complete with the best accents ever!

Day 6 – By an amazing stroke of luck, got to play a song in an event that Matt’s Band played at that was a whole day celebration of cultures around the world.  There was great food and music from everywhere….and I got to be the lone Canadian representation. I now love food from the Congo and Madagascar!!  Audience was huge! Probably 800-1000 people.  See for yourself:

Anyways, I am moving on to Germany next week, but have some amazing days planned ahead, so stay tuned for some fun stuff!


Mousier Bard


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