Happy New Day!

January 1, 2012

Greetings All,

Here we are again…the beginning of a new year.  The concept of what we hold as a new year is odd to me.   I understand it technically represents our planet’s revolutionary cycle around the Sun, but I why is January 1st such a weighted psychological date?

Did somebody seemingly important declare it as the universal date of life procrastination?

Does somebody hit a reset button that makes us feel like we have a fresh start on January 1st?

Is this button red like the Bat-phone?

Besides being a wandering minstrel, sharing musical stories and barding about, I worked for an era in health and wellness as an exercise trainer and coach, and I ran into this conversation a lot.

“I’ll quit doing that when January comes around..”  “I’ll start doing that when January rolls around…”

Why wait to live the life you want?  We let external forces override the internal feelings that dictate our actions so often that we become afraid to do anything.

Take the Christmas Carol “Fa La La La La,” for example.  “Tis the season to be jolly”….Does this mean the other seasons are meant to be stressful, anxiety laden and crappy?  NO!  Do you need someone else’s permission to change your life when you feel you want to change it?  HELLS NO!

Start every day like it’s a new year, a new beginning.  When you live for every moment, what is there to resolve?  If all else fails, just imagine that I have control of the world’s Reset button, and I push it with glee every morning.

Happy New Day!

Mr. Bard

P.S. The button is red like the Bat-Phone……



One Response to “Happy New Day!”

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