Was It Real? Prove It!

October 10, 2012

As I continue to bounce around this globe, and most recently the country of Canada, I keep finding myself in conversations and discussions regarding dreams.  It’s definitely one of my favorite topics to get into, and I felt like sharing a neat story that was relayed to me in Nashville via an amazing human being – Victor Wooten.

He shared a story about meeting one of his music idols when he was 9 years old.  Some time after, he had a meeting with this person, in a dream, in which his idol gave him instruction on a specific style of playing the bass, and woke up actually being able to perform the new technique!

In a skeptic’s mind, the first thing that usually enters is “Okay, prove it.  Show me physical evidence that an occurrence/meeting like this happened.”

Why do we need to see something to be physically recreated to believe or know it?  Victor came out with a new skill, plain and simple…..something clearly happened!  His question to us was – “Was it real?”

At the end of the day – Who cares? That is the beauty of the dream world, and it is going on, all the time.  When we’re awake, we tend to put boundaries on it, and those disappear when we sleep.

After reading this blog, take 5 minutes, wherever you are, and allow yourself to go somewhere you want to go, or interact with someone (living or not) that you have a question for or just want to talk to.  If you feel comfortable, share your experience.  If not, just enjoy it for yourself, and see what happens.  Only rule – don’t judge what comes up.  Just let it happen.

Happy dreaming……





One Response to “Was It Real? Prove It!”

  1. Niru Says:

    Sweet dreams from the other flip…

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