Just a short one today…pun completely intended…..

One of my barding adventures in Strasbourg led me to the water – ie. the swimming pool – and I found myself the answer to a mystery I’ve been told about in the past….the reason every man in France wears tiny bathing suit.

Quite plain and simple really.  It’s a rule that all the swimming pools have that no man is permitted to wear anything loose or even a board short type of swimsuit.  The rationale is supposedly for hygienic reasons.  If you come into a pool wearing shorts you just wore outside, you bring everything those shorts have been through with it…which makes sense.

However…I beg the question……What if a man spent his day wandering around in public in a pair of these beauties seen below, and then went swimming? Would he be rejected at the pool, or just everywhere else he went in his day?

And now….deep thoughts…..

I know, it’s no Caramilk sercret, or maybe it will be to some of you…in any regard, I am sure this will be helpful to someone in the future in their travels to France, or their understanding of how the world works.

If you’re going to swim in a pool in France, BRING SOMETHIN’ TIGHT!  YEOWW!!

Aqua Educated Bard