I Saw The Signs…In Comox!

May 18, 2014

A few days ago, I took about a half marathon walk throughout Courtenay/Comox on Vancouver Island, and I have to say, that walk ranks among my favourite in Canada thus far, and I highly recommend going for a stroll there.

This blog will be more photo based, as what I saw is best shared this way.  If you take a walk down Comox Road, this is what you’ll see….


IMG_8216  IMG_8215













All these signs made the walk such a fun scavenger hunt – especially the dick-head one…HAHAHA!  Most of them are easily viewable from the road, but a few you wouldn’t see unless you were walking because of the way they are hidden.  I love touring by foot for that reason – seeing this country and it’s people for the details.

Between Courtenay and Comox is this really wicked estuary/bird sanctuary you can take a rest at.  I met a woman named Liz there who had moved from England to Comox in 1947, and lived there ever since.  The two bottom photos I took because of what she told me, and she deemed this “local knowledge.”  :).  If you look closely at the left mountain picture, see if you can make out the image of a little girl picking flowers….

The right mountain photo is apparently “The Forbidden Plateau.”  She didn’t tell me why, but then went on to say a couple climbed it and got married up there last year.  Haha….Would have liked to hear more of that wedding story!  Perhaps if you go wandering through, ask and see if you can find out the rest.


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