When I say that the money is on the road, I mean that quite literally!  On March 8th, I was en route to Victoria, BC for a feature at the Victoria Folk Music Society night.  I had taken the ferry over from the mainland, and walked from there to Sydney for an afternoon jam with some lovely people before the show.

I was strolling down the highway, just off the bike lane, and what do I see sticking out of the grass?  A $1 Monopoly money denomination……

Now I have have walked many a highway in Canada now, and have come across some funny things laying on the road, but this was a first.

I simply observed it and carried on thinking, “That’s kind of funny.”  Makes you wonder why one bill would be sitting there, or what scenario could have happened to lead to a single Monopoly dollar lying in the grass.

As I wandered forth about another 400 meters, I came across another one….directly in my path that I actually had to step over.  Weird…..another 3-400m away, I come across another one!!  This time, it was $5.  WHAT?!

This trend continued to carry on, so I started picking them up.  They weren’t crinkled, bent, folded, or torn…simply perfect condition for most of them.  Another funny thing…the denominations started increasing!!  They went up to $10, and then $20…Pretty good sign I thought!

Overall, I collected about 21 of these, and initially passed by several others on my way.  There was a deep ditch off to the side of the highway, were other “items” had collected, and I kept my eye open for the fake currency, but none were to be found that far down.  SO WEIRD!!  It literally felt like they were being placed directly in my path.

I got an idea in my head for the show that night – It came to me that it would be fun to write messages on the back of these, and include them in my cd’s, that way, people would get something extra and positive – kind of like a fortune cookie!

As I came to my turn off into Sydney, no more bills appeared, however, something really special capped it all off.  After turning the corner, I came onto a quiet residential street, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if the Monopoly money train kept going here…”  All of a sudden, what came zooming through the air was a beautiful humming bird!  It stopped relatively close to me, hung out for a moment, and then sped off on its merry way.

Not many people are aware of this, but hummingbirds have quite a unique significance in my family, particularly as a symbol of my late father.  What a cool sequence of events!  It’s amazing to me have the simple act of walking down a road can perk curiosity, bring the thrill of adventure, and round out in something sentimentally impactful.  Made my day, and felt like confirmation of my idea to put messages in my cd’s.

So, from now on, if you pick up a cd from me at a show, expect a little extra something special with it.  Now you’ll know where it came from ;).

Mr. Bard


Walk with an Eagle

March 30, 2015

This entry is more of a visual blog than a written blog.  Just wanted to share a cool encounter, and make a recommendation, particularly for those who love to run and walk.

2 weeks ago, my lovely lady and I went out to Stanley Park in Vancouver in support of a variety of friends who were running an 8km race, and our friend, Tom Skinner, the amazing race director of this event.  Side note – I used to run in various kinds of races for a lot of years, and I was so impressed with the way Tom and his team organized the event.  If runners or walkers are reading this, I highly recommend signing up for any race that this man puts on.  They are incredible!!

Back to the story, we were cheering on our friends and other runners, when all of a sudden this massive young eagle came flying out from above us, hovered over the water for fish, and then took off.  I have never been that close to one before, and happened to have my camera with me.  I got some of the coolest shots of this magnificent creature in action, so I hope you enjoy!

Go take your camera for a walk in the next month and see what you might be able to document in photo!

Mr. Bard

IMG_9512 IMG_9526

These Shoes

March 2, 2015

Today, my barding self is another year older, and I find myself pausing for reflection.   Exactly 3 years ago, I released my very first recording – What’s Life All About?, a collection of songs I haphazardly recorded myself with a couple of microphones and my laptop.  It was symbolic of many changes in my life – the biggest of all being the decision to go down a full time musical road.

In anticipation of a different life, I made a small purchase – my first ever with the intention of walking down that path.  Naturally, they were a pair of shoes.  Here…meet my shoes………..


Starting a new journey takes a good pair of shoes, but I had no idea the magnitude of adventure that awaited me with these guys.  They have stood with me upon many stages, they have been amongst some of the highest mountains (literally), they have walked the soil of many countries and coastlines.  They have known love, loss, friendship, life, death, and every emotion that travels alongside those feelings.  They have known the spectrum of magic from the lift of inspiration, to the devastation of failure, and carried on.

These shoes have endured much more than I could have ever imagined.  They are a vault of invaluable memories, and will always have a special place in my heart.

The soles have finally worn through, and it is time for a new pair of shoes.  However, I am keeping these guys for sentimental reasons, perhaps making a guest appearance in the future for special occasions :).

Do you have a special connection with an old pair of shoes?  Never thought I could have become so attached to them.

In honour of my shoes, I leave you with a tune from that first recording I did, inspired by my sister-in-law, Steph.  May your feet guide you to many wonderful memories, people, and experiences, and may you have a friendly pair of shoes to share the ride with!

Follow Your Feet… (click to listen)

Mr. Bard