Walk with an Eagle

March 30, 2015

This entry is more of a visual blog than a written blog.  Just wanted to share a cool encounter, and make a recommendation, particularly for those who love to run and walk.

2 weeks ago, my lovely lady and I went out to Stanley Park in Vancouver in support of a variety of friends who were running an 8km race, and our friend, Tom Skinner, the amazing race director of this event.  Side note – I used to run in various kinds of races for a lot of years, and I was so impressed with the way Tom and his team organized the event.  If runners or walkers are reading this, I highly recommend signing up for any race that this man puts on.  They are incredible!!

Back to the story, we were cheering on our friends and other runners, when all of a sudden this massive young eagle came flying out from above us, hovered over the water for fish, and then took off.  I have never been that close to one before, and happened to have my camera with me.  I got some of the coolest shots of this magnificent creature in action, so I hope you enjoy!

Go take your camera for a walk in the next month and see what you might be able to document in photo!

Mr. Bard

IMG_9512 IMG_9526


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