Flying through the Vortex to Terrace

October 12, 2015

So there I am, on an early plane to Terrace on Friday morning.  Weather reports had made mention that the hurricane was working it’s way up the pacific coast and epic amounts of wind and rain were forecasted….perfect time to be FLYING!!

Being somewhat on edge about this, I laid keen eye on the sky from my window seat.  I absolutely love the view being above the clouds, and decided to pull out my phone to take a photograph…….and see below for what happened……..


The only logical thing that came to my mind in that moment was “Oh okay, we must be going through the Great Northern Vortex.  Everything is totally cool…..”  Then I thought, “What daaaaaaaa?”

I put my phone down to look with my own eyes, and it looked normal.  Camera goes up – ULTIMATE WEIRDNESS!!!  I thought to myself “I’m either going nutso, or these plane pretzels I just ate must be far beyond their expiry.”

Naturally I felt that if I could capture this on video, then I could have better dialogues with others with evidence.  So here we are:

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Happy to hear them.  The flight attendant then proceeds to tell me….”I hope we land today…”  I HOPE we LAND TODAY!!”  Uhhhhhhhhhh….

Anyhow, my writing this is evidence I survived, or maybe it is because I went through the Vortex to Terrace and traveled to a new dimension.  Either way, we ended up landing about an hour before the storm really started rocking, so whatever happened worked for the positive :).


3 Responses to “Flying through the Vortex to Terrace”

  1. Judy Averill Says:

    That is too strange…I’ve never seen anything like that before… .must be the Terrace Vortex!!
    Glad you lived to tell the tale (and show us the pictures!)

  2. Sean Says:

    That is some crazy awesome stuff! And I’m an avid photographer and have taken many shots of props and have gotten some weird effects but nothing like this! Crazy Man, how our eyes and brains interpret info!

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