From Kombucha in Kauai to high school in Kelowna….

February 11, 2016

Alo-HA!!!…I believe that if Hawaii had a martial art – Alo-HA is what it would be called.  It would be a smooth flowing movement form, similar to the hula, but with a lighting spicy CHOP that you don’t see coming through the hypnotic smell of plumeria flowers.  It would getcha every time!!



I just recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to Kauai with my wife for our delayed honeymoon, and the experience was nothing short of incredible!  There are many stories that could be shared, but only one was connected to music, so I shall share it…and it alone…..

Early in our adventure, we found ourselves standing in the grocery store check out line, waiting to pay for our edible items.  My wife, Shera, noticed that the woman in front of us had a particular bottle of Kombucha tea that she likes, and decided to comment on it.  The woman mutually celebrated her love of Kombucha, and asked if we had ever been to Kava Bar before.  Apparently they had Kombucha on tap, and it was the best around town.  She also said they had an open mic, and that it was going to be the following day!  Sweet!!

Trying to find this place by the name “Kava Bar,” was tricky, as it wasn’t the true name of the  establishment.  After much detective work, we located the proper site, which actually turned out to be a food truck, and had arrived 30 minutes late.  We quickly realized that the open mic was going to be held outdoors, which we thought was super cool, but there was hardly anyone there, and not much set up.

We sat down at an outdoor table, being 2 of may 5 people out and about, and ordered a couple of drinks.  They were out of Kombucha, but had another interesting drink called Jun.  Anyways, we sat there, chatting and observing the surroundings when a woman sitting just across from us strikes up convo.  She asked us where we were from, and we replied that we originally came from the Okanagan in BC, Canada.  She said “Oh, my boyfriend is from Kelowna…”  I replied….”I was born in Kelowna.”

She couldn’t believe it, and then asked if I knew him.  As random bizarre luck would have it…yet again…I DID!!  I used to play basketball with him and other friends at lunch time in high school, roughly 18 years ago.  To go another crazy layer, my Dad also taught him in elementary school.  I tell ya, open mic’s are repeatedly, in my experience, unusual portals of coincidence and awesome happenstance.  To boot…after I played, the man whose guitar I borrowed to play a couple tunes asked me if I’d every been to Jack’s Pub in Tofino, BC.  As it turns out, he was there when I performed with my bass man, Matt Langill, 5 months previous……WHA???

As our trip neared its end, my old high school acquaintance took Shera and I to a really special place on the island for what was to be one of the major highlights of our whole trip.  See below,


We swam at the bottom of this beautiful split waterfall, caught up and shared stories of each other’s lives, and once again, made the world a wonderfully smaller place.

I’ve said it before, and will continue to say it – it’s always good to get out and talk to people.  It can change your life!




2 Responses to “From Kombucha in Kauai to high school in Kelowna….”

  1. Josep Tarradas Montero Says:

    I totally agree Michael. Talking to people can really change your life. Just getting out home can do…oh! and I learn many interesting new english words with your monthly posts! i.e. ‘acquaintance’…I never heard from that!
    Thank you and glad you enjoyed your honeymoon.

    Take a good care!

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