You eat your pizza like that?

September 28, 2017


Question for the pizza connoisseurs around Canada, and around the world for that matter…..How do you eat your pizza?

On my recent Canadian tour, I discovered a major difference in pizza consumption habits from West to East.  As a Western Canadian, I am familiar with pizza that has a fairly tough crust, making it easy to eat with your hands.   You might even be able to play a successful game of ultimate frisbee with it. However, I had the opportunity to have pizza in Eastern Canada several times this trip, and found the crusts to be particularly soft and a messy challenge to hold.

The best moment that exemplifies this discovery was when I was on the ferry going to Newfoundland.  There was I, trying to gain respectable control of a triangle of deliciousness, and BOOM!  Down to the table goes every topping as if it had just walked the plank into the unforgiving Atlantic, only to splash tomato residue in my face for extra shame points.  To top it all off…haha, no pun actually intended…everyone in my vicinity looked at me with eyes that spoke “Who let the West Coast heathen on the boat?” I then became aware of the cultural difference as every single person slowly went back to eating their pizza……with a fork and knife.

Are there any pizza anthropologists who would like to take a slice on this one?

Mr. Bard…on Canadian pizza


8 Responses to “You eat your pizza like that?”

  1. Dear Bard
    Miss Manners suggests that you were perhaps precipitous in pursuing pizza pleasure a la main. The true traveller takes careful stock of his or her surrounding and the specifics of the comestibles on offer before taking hold, so to speak. Each pie, no matter where encountered, must be studied for its structural integrity, moisture content, and general gooeyness of the toppings before committing oneself to fork or not to fork. For that IS the question, Bard. Where the steaming dish itself offers no definitive answer, take your cue from a close (but surreptitious) scrutiny of nearby diners. When in Rome, as they say.

  2. Bubba Van Says:

    That slice looks like a slice of Bella’s All Dressed pizza. Used to grab a large after a night out at Kits’s Pub…RIP.

    • mrbard Says:

      Interesting how this particular slice brought forth that memory. This is a picture of a slice from Northern Cape Breton….maybe they aren’t so different after all!

  3. Grant Ponton Says:

    Knife and fork only when the pizza is sizzling, burns your palate and is too hot to handle. As soon as it cools slightly it’s hands on.
    Probably the best time to eat sloppy Eastern pizza with hands is when it’s cold and stiff from the fridge.

  4. Allison Says:

    And then, so I am told, there is the New York way–fold it in half to make a narrower triangle (no easy way to describe it) so the toppings are safely inside. Too much like a sandwich for me, or a calzone. And yipes, piping hot tomato sauce is a serious hazard. And hot melting cheese… who knew pizza was so tricky?!

    • mrbard Says:

      Perhaps a guidebook of regional eating techniques should be compiled and published. I find it interesting that by folding it, it reminds you too much of a sandwich or calzone…does that take you away from the full experience that is making pizza? Like drinking a cup of juice when you thought it was coffee?

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