Paths and Tracks…A New Years Day Reflection

January 2, 2018

A Barding photo story from the first walk of a new year about Paths and Tracks


If you stop and look around, you’ll find there are many paths to take……

Some paths are bare, and tracks have never been made…..

Some paths are walked alone…..

Some paths are walked together…….

Some paths are rough……

Some paths are well trod and easier to follow……

Some paths may wander to get where they’re going……

Sometimes paths may go back to where they came from……

Sometimes, on some paths,  you can’t see what’s around the corner…..

And some paths may be blocked by barriers…..

Some paths meet in the middle, and carry on together……

Some paths cross for a short while, and head off in different directions…..

Whichever paths we take, we all leave tracks…..and tracks come in many forms…..

Everything makes tracks…….

Even trees, when you look closely,  leave tracks…..

*It’s important to remember – No matter how small your tracks are… always leave an impact….

Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve made new tracks and a path until you stop, look around for a second, and witness how far you’ve come.  The view can be quite beautiful…..

Sometimes you wake up on New Years Day a lion….wanting to go out for a walk in the snow……

And so was the case for me on January 1st, 2018.  Every new day, week, month, and year presents a number of potential paths to take, and tracks to make.

 I have found that however your journey takes form, all paths have value, and the person we become is a result of the tracks we have made on the paths we have chosen.

Tread curiously, and all the best making tracks on your path!


Mr. Bard

*This photo blog was created from an inspiring walk through the Parkinson Recreation Centre fields in Kelowna, BC, Jan. 1st, 2018.



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