These Shoes

March 2, 2015

Today, my barding self is another year older, and I find myself pausing for reflection.   Exactly 3 years ago, I released my very first recording – What’s Life All About?, a collection of songs I haphazardly recorded myself with a couple of microphones and my laptop.  It was symbolic of many changes in my life – the biggest of all being the decision to go down a full time musical road.

In anticipation of a different life, I made a small purchase – my first ever with the intention of walking down that path.  Naturally, they were a pair of shoes.  Here…meet my shoes………..


Starting a new journey takes a good pair of shoes, but I had no idea the magnitude of adventure that awaited me with these guys.  They have stood with me upon many stages, they have been amongst some of the highest mountains (literally), they have walked the soil of many countries and coastlines.  They have known love, loss, friendship, life, death, and every emotion that travels alongside those feelings.  They have known the spectrum of magic from the lift of inspiration, to the devastation of failure, and carried on.

These shoes have endured much more than I could have ever imagined.  They are a vault of invaluable memories, and will always have a special place in my heart.

The soles have finally worn through, and it is time for a new pair of shoes.  However, I am keeping these guys for sentimental reasons, perhaps making a guest appearance in the future for special occasions :).

Do you have a special connection with an old pair of shoes?  Never thought I could have become so attached to them.

In honour of my shoes, I leave you with a tune from that first recording I did, inspired by my sister-in-law, Steph.  May your feet guide you to many wonderful memories, people, and experiences, and may you have a friendly pair of shoes to share the ride with!

Follow Your Feet… (click to listen)

Mr. Bard


Well….it has been quite some time since my last post….mostly because I was planning and organizing the most intricate/involved musical production I have ever put on…December to March 2nd was none stop in preparation of my first official album release.  The experience of that show was a culmination of so many things – Too many to really explain here, but will show itself in a future book.  Check out the new website for more info about my music.


 What I wanted to declare at this point is where I stand as a human being, what I know, and I what I believe about myself, and the world.  I am about to embark on a series of exceptionally unique musical journeys (Nepal, China, Taiwan), and I have a feeling I will come back with a drastically made over set of perspectives in 3 months.

So, as of March 27th, 2012….

I Know:

-I have the least I have ever owned, and I have never been happier

-I am following the path I am meant to follow

-My inner truths come from my journeys

-My deepest love goes to all my family, friends, and supporters that helped me get to where I am now

-Quite often my actions and messages are misinterpreted, predominately from the way I communicate what I am doing

-I have learned a lot, but nothing compared to what I am about to.

I Believe:

-My understandings of the dynamics of people and living situations on this planet are about to be obliterated

-Everyone dear and close to me are entering into massive changes in the next few months, and it seems to be at an accelerated rate

-I may come back desiring to live in the forest with my guitar………..

*Take the time to check in with where you are at, and what you know and believe at this moment.  It’s easy to get lost in the day to day mash up we tend to throw ourselves into, so take a minute to gain clarity on yourself.

Not sure when I will have access to electricity again, but until that point, amazing journeys to you all!  See you in 3 months!

Traveling Bard